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Biodegadale tableware

Good tableware is an intrinsic part of one's household as it is required every day. keeping these very points in mind, we have designed the products to suit your needs and give you healthy food at all costs.

Container -(6*6 inches) square box.

What is the most important thing while carrying food? That it should maintain the quality and should not spill over. Our products take the lead in this as we guarantee you, the food will remain fresh and spillproof no matter you want to carry it anywhere.

Disposable plates- (3*3 inches plate)

Carrying disposable plates are a pretty common thing especially when you are traveling. At such times disposable plates of Eco-Sense will surely come in handy as they are light in weight and easy to carry.


Serving bowls for a party are the best bet as they are lightweight and comfortable to sever. Our products can certainly come in handy for such purposes which completely spill proof.

Container -(9*6 inches)

Want to store food for a longer time? Then it is a good idea to store in our containers which will be the best place to keep your food. they are also sturdy enough to serve food from it.


Another one in the same frame, there is a small container also to store or serve food which can be extremely convenient and also can provide as a ready to serve commodity.

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